Out projects

Here you will find a selection of our projects in Barcelona and its surroundings. Each project showcases our commitment to quality and excellence in every detail, always making lighting the protagonist.

Iluminación terraza exterior para el hotel W, de Barcelona

Hotel W, 2010

Special execution of a luminaire by Metalarte for the outdoor terrace of the W Barcelona hotel swimming pool.

Iluminación hotel NOXE, Barcelona

NOXE, 2023

Dynamic lighting experience for the restaurant and club alongside the BMLD studio and partners Tecsoled and Reggiani.

Iluminación de las tiendas Mascaró, Barcelona

Mascarò, 2022

Project carried out in collaboration with the interior design studio Santi Crous, hand in hand with Faro, for the interior of the Mascarò shoe store.

Interior de las oficinas de La Sagrada Familia de Barcelona

Sagrada Familia, 2017

Illumination of the offices of the Sagrada Familia basilica alongside the AiA studio.

Proyecto lumínico para la biblioteca de Sant Sadurni

Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, 2019

Rehabilitation of a modernist building to transform it into a public library and cultural center. Finalist of the FAD 2019 award with a special mention for the lighting developed jointly by T9SArquitectes.

Aribau, 2022

Lighting for high-end temporary residences alongside The Onsider studio and partners Marset, Flos, and Viabizzuno.

Instalación efímera para el ayuntamiento de Barcelona en la plaza de Glories

Instalación efímera Plaça Glories, 2017

Project carried out for the Barcelona City Council consisting of a structure with metal mesh and translucent elements that generate light games.

Proyecto lumínico para Lighthouse Photoagency, Barcelona

Lighthouse Photoagency, 2020

In collaboration with the interior design studio Francesc Pons and with partners Santa&Cole and Arkoslight to transform a workspace.

Iluminación interior para un local, especializado en queso.

Casa Carot: Formatgeria, 2021

Project that enhances the customer experience through lighting for the artisan cheese and select wine store, with partner Núria Selva.

Interior del portal de vivienda en la Calle Numancia, Barcelona

Numancia, 2022

Project for the lobby alongside Núria Selva. With the collaboration of Lluria and Arkoslight.

Decoración e iluminación de vivienda en Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar

Lighting for a single-family vacation residence near the beach alongside the studio of Núria Selva.

Escritorio e iluminación para oficina en casa

Estudi NSV

Project for the creative architecture and interior design project in Barcelona and the creation of small-format experiences for restless women: Núria Selva, “NSV”.