Complete lighting services

At Lumen’s, we offer a 360-degree service, always adapting to the needs of the client. Providing this type of integral service allows us to develop lighting projects at different levels.

Lighting projects

We provide advice and planning for lighting projects. We work with all types of projects at any level: from helping you decide which lamp is best for your dining room to complete proposals for the lighting of your space, both for a specific room and for an entire complex.

Additionally, we have the ability to design and produce Custom Lamps. We create personalized and exclusive lamps for our clients, achieving all kinds of unique and limited designs. It’s another service that Lumen’s offers its clients to satisfy any desire or need.

Sales and distribution

In our showroom-store, we have a wide variety of the best technical and decorative lighting brands in the market, allowing us to have a broad catalog to select designs that best suit the demands of the client.


After completing the project, we also provide all the necessary assembly and installation with the help of a professional and trained team to ensure that the project is carried out to perfection.

Home automation control

 We enhance our clients’ experience by adding intelligent lighting control to all systems in the house such as HVAC, blinds, and anything else that can be digitally controlled.

For home automation installation projects, we work with PLH, one of the leading companies in the sector that helps us complement the installation and control of lighting in our projects.

In addition, we work with two major companies in home automation control: Lutron, leaders in the lighting control industry of which we are an official distributor, and Helvar, who also provide us with lighting control products and solutions.